Product Liability and Crashworthiness

Product liability is an area of personal injury law that deals with injuries due to defective products. Our law office fights corporations and manufacturers that produce or sell products that are faulty or do not pass their own warranty standards. We handle complex crashworthiness and SUV rollover cases and all other product liability claims. An attorney at our Chicago, Illinois office can review your case and help you understand your rights.

Product Liability

Product liability is an area of the law that assists people who have been injured by unsafe products, or the survivors of those who may have died as the result of an unsafe product. The term “products” can include anything used by, or that comes in contact with a human being, including machinery, medicine, food, motor vehicles, household appliances, toys, tools, clothing, and more.

Currently, there are a number of products that are the subject of product liability lawsuits that our Chicago, Illinois firm is concerned with, including vehicles with airbags, passenger vans, ReNu® with MoistureLoc®, Actos®, Medtronic Sprint Fidelis Leads, and other prescription and non-prescription drugs; cars with defective seatbelts, seatbacks, door locks, defective child car seats; and others. We believe that victims of serious injuries related to these and other potentially defective products should be compensated for their medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages, and the legal team at McCallister Law Group is prepared to fight for your rights. If you would like a review of your product liability claim, we have the resources and experience to thoroughly investigate your case.

If you have suffered a personal injury, or someone you love was the victim of a wrongful death due to a defective product, contact a product liability lawyer at McCallister Law Group in Chicago, Illinois today.


A large number of product liability claims result from defective vehicle components and, in particular, defective vehicle safety features. Crashworthiness is an important aspect of vehicle safety that deals with protecting drivers and passengers in the event of a collision. Common vehicle crashworthiness features include seat belts, air bags, roll bars, side impact bars, and “crumple zones.” If a crashworthiness feature fails to function properly and protect vehicle occupants during a collision, the victims may be able to file a product liability claim.

Faulty vehicles crashworthiness features may be the result of manufacturing defects (a defective air bag that does not fully inflate is placed in the vehicle) or design defects (roll bars are not placed in an appropriate location). In the event of a collision, passengers may be at increased risk for injury as a result of defective crashworthiness features. In product liability cases involving crashworthiness claims, it is important that victims have experienced representation to protect their legal rights and ability to recover compensation for injuries. For a thorough review of your crashworthiness claim, contact our Chicago, Illinois firm.

Crashworthiness defects can include the propensity for rollover, air bag defects, seat belt problems, and door lock malfunctioning. These topics are discussed in more detail below.

SUV Rollover

Rollovers are some of the most dangerous vehicle accidents, often proving fatal. Some vehicles, such as SUVs, have an inherently higher risk of rolling over during a single-car accident or collision. In fact, SUVs have the highest rate of rollover in an accident. This is because a vehicle is more likely to roll over if it is top heavy. In addition, many SUVs are not equipped with a rollover bar, increasing the risk of roof crush in the event of a rollover accident. If you or someone you love is injured in an SUV rollover accident, an attorney from our Chicago, Illinois firm can investigate to determine if faulty crashworthiness features contributed to your injuries.

Vehicle manufacturers are responsible for the crashworthiness of their cars, trucks, and SUVs whether they are aware of potential safety hazards or not. Each product liability and SUV rollover lawyer at our Chicago, Illinois firm has handled numerous vehicle defect and crashworthiness cases, including complex SUV rollover cases. We have the experience and resources necessarily to review and prepare your case, ensuring that your legal rights are protected.

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Air Bags and Seat Belts

Air bags and seat belts are common crashworthiness features that can help protect drivers and passengers during a crash. If either is defective, however, they may fail to offer protection or actually inflict injuries themselves (such as if an air bag deploys too forcefully). Lap seat belts do not provide as much protection as do lap and shoulder combinations. In the event of an SUV rollover or other serious crash, seat belts may help prevent ejection from the vehicle. Defective seat belts, however, will likely put passengers at an increased risk for injuries.

Door Locks

Door locks are another important crashworthiness feature. Unfortunately, door locks that malfunction may result in an increased risk of injury during an accident. For example, defective locking devices may cause a passenger to be thrown from a vehicle during an SUV rollover or other serious crash or may even trap occupants inside a vehicle after an accident. The latter scenario can be especially dangerous if the vehicle catches fire.

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